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The Langtons ant wave equation

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Organizer:​ Graham Medland

Description: All about Langtons Ant cellular automata



Introduction to Using Symbulation: An Agent-Based Model of Symbiosis Evolution

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Organizers:​ Anya E. Vostinar, Emily Dolson, Piper Welch and Kai Johnson

Description: Symbulation is an agent-based modeling platform that enables the study of symbiosis evolution along the parasitism to mutualism spectrum. This tutorial will guide new users in setting up a project to conduct an experiment using existing configuration options and implementing new functionality.



Simulating pandemics with agent-based models


Organizers: Prof. Mikhail Prokopenko and Dr. Sheryl L. Chang

Description: We will consider pros and cons of agent-based models for studying pandemics, tracing a spatiotemporal spread of infection across a nation. We will introduce our open-source software, AMTraC-19 (Agent-based Model of Transmission and Control of the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia).