ALIFE 2022 Abstract and Essay Student Competition 


ALIFE 2022 Abstract and Essay Student Competition 




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The ALIFE 2022 Organizing Committee and ISAL cordially invite all students to participate in the ALIFE 2022 Student Essay & Abstract Contest. Students from any discipline are welcome to submit original essays written for the contest. This competition is open to both graduate and undergraduate students. Conference registration fee waivers will be offered to every participant.

Students are invited to write a submission of up to two pages, consisting in either (a) a short essay (2 pages max) on the theme of this year's conference (La DOLCE vita: Discoveries On Life, Complexity and Evolution for the improvement of real lives - See a list of Topics in the adjacent box), or (b) an extended abstract (2 pages max) on a practical project aimed to contribute to the development of the Artificial Life community. For (b), the participants are encouraged to not only propose, but also actively engage in the practical activities presented in their essay, which can range from writing some contents (e.g. a contribution to the Encyclopedia of Artificial Life or a relevant Wikipedia page) to proposing an original artificial life research experiment or even contributing some code to an ALife project repository. For any request or question about practical projects, please feel free to contact us

Please use the same format as for regular conference "Extended Abstracts" submissions in Word or LaTeX. Please see guidelines here.

Submissions are done via the submission form.

The deadline for submissions is the 15th of May 2022.


The winners will be announced at the end of the conference. Student Conference Scholarships will be awarded to all students contributing to the essay competition, allowing them to participate in the conference for free. A few essays will be selected among the top voted submissions to be considered for publication in the Artificial Life Journal.

Good luck to everyone, and happy writing!


ALIFE 2022 will showcase a wide range of topics in Artificial Life, bringing together world-leading researchers to discuss the latest advances in the synthesis and simulation of living systems. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following aspects of Artificial Life:

  • Artificial chemistry, origins of life and computational biology

  • Complex dynamical systems and networks

  • Synthetic biology, protocells and wet artificial life

  • Theoretical evolution, evolutionary algorithms and evolutionary computation

  • Ecosystems and synthetic ecology

  • AI and Alife approaches to gastronomy, agriculture, food and wine production

  • Bio-inspired, cognitive and evolutionary robotics and swarms

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning 

  • Perception, cognition and behavior

  • Social systems, artificial and alternative societies 

  • Evolution of language and computational linguistic 

  • Philosophy of mind and of science

  • Artificial life based art