La DOLCE vita

Discoveries On Life, Complexity and Evolution for the improvement of real lives

Trento 18-22 July 2022

Glass of Red Wine

ALIFE 2022 Conference Theme:

La DOLCE vita - Discoveries On Life, Complexity and Evolution for the improvement of real lives

This year's conference theme, La DOLCE vita, will explore how to improve the quality of real life for all using techniques and discoveries from the ALife field. This will cover various topics including (but not limited to): the creation of artificial cells and organisms for health and technological applications, engineered ecosystems for improved environmental quality and sustainable agriculture, virtual/augmented reality creations with positive social impact, the well-being of our digital infrastructure, AI and ALife algorithms for equitable access to resources and accurate information, AI, ALife or robot assistance for those in need, AI, ALife or robot applications for food production and distribution, the regeneration, redistribution and reuse of everyday resources, microbial fuel cell systems for renewable energy, and other innovative technologies for social good.


About ALIFE conferences

The ALIFE conferences are the major meetings of the artificial life research community since 1987. These scientific gatherings are supported by the International Society for Artificial Life (ISAL).


List of Topics

  • Complex dynamical systems and networks

  • Artificial chemistry, origins of life, computational biology

  • Synthetic biology, protocells and wet artificial life

  • Theoretical evolution, evolutionary algorithms, evolutionary computation

  • Ecosystems and synthetic ecology

  • AI and ALife approaches to gastronomy, agriculture, food or wine production

  • Bio-inspired, cognitive and evolutionary robotics, swarms

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning

  • Perception, cognition, behavior

  • Social systems, artificial and alternative societies

  • Evolution of language, computational linguistics

  • Philosophy of mind, philosophy of science

  • Artificial-life-based art

  • Artificial Life in education

  • Biomimetics and bio-inspired technologies (e.g., microbial fuel cells)

  • AI and ALife approaches to climate data acquisition and analysis, climate change mitigation, and ecosystem restoration and protection